Looking For A Steam Shower – Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Right Product


Over past few years, steam showers have become quite popular in health clubs and gyms for providing a soothing and relaxing bath. It not only makes you feel fresh, but also helps you get rid of your muscle and joint pains. You can now get your own steam shower at your home with the whole installation of the stream shower equipment.

As many people aren’t aware of the steam shower installation at home, this guide will be very useful if you are planning to have a steam shower at your place.


You must first understand what steam shower exactly is. It is an enclosed small room that has a vapor-tight door equipped with steam shower generator. This generator heats the water till it boils and results in vapor in the room.

The steam shower room must be made with a material that doesn’t get damaged with moist vapor. The chairs or benches must be chosen made of right material where you can easily relax.

The purchase of steam shower is not that easy. You need to add the additional cost of equipment and installation to your budget. Also when you are planning to have a steam shower, you will have to modify your bathroom accordingly.

Choosing your Type of Steam Shower

You will have to decide whether you want the generator installation in an enclosure of your choice or not. You will also need to select from a manufactured shower, prefabricated shower or custom-built shower. There are following type of shower units that you can choose from:

  • Modular Units: these have molded steams integral doors, multiple showerheads, steam dispensers and many other things. There are not many color choices in these units.
  • Custom and Luxury Units: to make your shower unit and bathroom more appealing and elegant, you can choose your own steam shower. Mostly it has an enclosed shower connected to steam generator for handling water vapor. The cost of the unit depends on the design and materials that you choose.
  • Luxury Units: these have some additional features for a more soothing and relaxing experience. It can have aqua-pressure foot massager, CD players. Aromatherapy, rain showers, iPod hook-ups and many other things. Surely, the cost of these units are highest than the rest.

Steam Shower Generator

Steam generator is meant to provide the vapor, which creates the relaxing environment for you, and it is the core equipment in your shower unit. You need to be very careful while you buy a generator. Go for a generator that produces stream faster and runs quietly. You also need to keep in mind the size of the generator that is right for your shower cabins.

Installation of steam showers can become very easy when you have the right knowledge about them and have all your requirements and budget decided. Any kind of haste or negligence can lead to wastage of your money and time. Make an informed decision and enjoy the wonderful steam shower bath right at your home.

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