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Designing your home can be in any form and in any way. Interior designing the home is like art. You are able to play with colors, choose pieces that will need to be put together, and use creative thinking to have the best design for your home. It is like putting your own identity in your home and calling it your design. Interior designing your home on your own, will give you the opportunity to set your ideas all down on the table and capture your personality into your home. In order to help you  with your designs, think about uniqueness. There are so many interior designs and themes to work with, but it is the most unique ones are the most interesting and incomparable that stands out from the other designs. Consider incorporating your design with modern trends, in order to add style and elegance in your home.

If you are fond of shabby chic  or eclectic colors and designs, art, and items that has gypsy feel to them, but with a clean twist and organized twist,then a modern Bohemian interior design would certainly work for you. Bohemian style home, has a calm and laid back feel to them, but incorporate art and interesting decorative that could be vintage but still be reused. Do not be afraid to use colors and pieces that has intricate designs and tapestry to set up your bohemian style home. Start by painting  the walls of  the room. Choose vibrant rich and warm colors such as red, orange, golden yellow, or go with more monochromatic colors such as grays and blue or incorporate them together. You can accent the wall , by designing one side of the wall with bohemian fabric tapestry that somehow incorporates Southeast Asia art and designs.

Use modern furniture pieces like the sofa. It will be easier to pair anything with the modern furniture. Add throw pillows in different shapes and designs with artistic tapestry and embroideries that are bright in colors to bring colors to the sofa. The furniture colors do not have to all match as long as you they somehow contrast or compliments each other along with the colors of your wall. For your coffee table, choose a wooden unfinished table for a more natural look. Accessorize the room, by adding a bohemian braided rug or bohemian gypsy or bohemian ancient inspired rugs. The colors should be vibrant to give the room colors make the room stand out. You can accessorize the room more, by adding a bohemian style lamp, and any vintage displays that are rich in colors, such as vases and jar. . Visit flea markets and see if you can find pieces that would go with your bohemian theme. You can put just vintage chairs with a tapestry cushion as an accent, and bohemian abstract style painting to serve as a focal point. Just about anything as long as you keep it clean and design it in an organized matter to also portray the modern style in it.

Another unique interior design theme is a modern Asian inspired home. Choose a an Asian country that you that you want to incorporate in your design. Gather pieces, from art and displays that can somehow portray the counties culture, style and art. Once again, incorporate modern furniture to easily accessorize it with the chosen theme. Paint the walls, with light earth tone colors and neutral colors, such as brown or mint green, to represent the Asian culture of loving nature in your design. Most Asian countries uses furniture that are platforms and low style furniture, just like modern style furniture, so go with a platform sofa and a wide rectangular wooden table with or without glass coffee table. If you do not want to put a sofa, use cushions that are rich in colors such as rich red and scatter them around the table. Accent the rooms with Japanese tatami mats or bamboo rugs. Display art works from Asian artists any type of art that represents that certain country. You can display a word in their language placed in a frame, paper lanterns, and indoor floor water fountain to sustain tranquility and the calmness nature feel in the home.

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