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Women love receiving roses occasionally or at anytime. They are so beautiful that they can be considered as the flower of love and romance. In general, roses are loved by many, but since they are pretty costly when bought, lots of people would rather have them right in their garden where they can have plenty of stocks of gorgeous roses in the homes. Roses need a lot of attention and care for them to bloom the way you want them too. First, you have to ask yourself how much time you can give these roses. They are so delicate that they can be destroyed when not taken care of enough or the right way. Choose the type of roses and colors you want to plant. There are roses that can be taken care of with minimal attention, if that is what you prefer. Select the right roses to grow depending on the season that you are planning to grow them.

Find an area in the garden where the roses can receive plenty of sunlight. They need at least a minimum of six hours of sunlight, so make sure they get it to reduce mildew and diseases from growing on them. If you are growing smaller roses they need about a foot of space around them and larger rose bushes need about three feet of space to allow air circulate and get through them.

Before rose gardening, test the PH of your soil. The best soil to plant roses is to have a PH of 5.5 to 6.6. If not, turn the soil into a rich and well drained soil. Mix organic compost with the soil to feed the roots of the roses and to make the soil richer and filled with more nutrients. Make sure you feed your roses regularly. Make the fertilizers organic by adding plenty of nitrogen and phosphorous nutrients and make new fertilizers each week to feed it fresh to the roses.

Water the roses frequently but do not use high pressure water when watering. Watering the roses heavily could rot the roots and wash away soil and important nutrients that is in there. It is best to water them early morning or at least once inch of water every week. If it rained hardly the night before or during the day, do not water them to avoid drowning of the roots and diseases to occur from over watering.

When you see your roses with dead leaves, petals or mold, trim and remove them as soon possible. This will get rid of the diseases and will help the roses grow bigger and healthier. Remove weeds from growing around the rose bush so they will not take away or share the nutrients from the soil where the roses get their nutrients. Keep pest away the rose bush or critters crawling on the roses. Get rid of them by using organic pesticides. Research on good and bad pest to avoid harming the beneficial pest.

Garden roses according to the landscaping of the garden. You can fill the garden with the same colored roses and make it colorful by planting different colored roses. Plant the same colored roses next to each other and do not over crowd one area with roses. Space them out or plant them in different areas where they could be seen. Moreover, plant roses because you love them and you know that they are beautiful no matter what color and how many they are.

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