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Odd nooks and corners in your home are small hindrances that come in your way when decorating especially if the house you are living in is a rented house or when you bought it has already been build.  These decorating tips can help you to make best use for your empty space below a staircase or that   unnecessary and protruding pillar in the living room or that boring, lifeless corridors or hallways. Decide first what you want to use the corner space for.  After you’ve decided what to do to that empty space, make a list of furniture and decorative items that you have that will help the corner reach its decorating potential.

If the corner is well lit and easily accessible then place an empty shelve or storage rack in the corner and fill it with live plant pots. You can use decorative vase as the base under your pots that will raise the bottom of the pot to create height. Remember that one of the easiest fixes to enliven up an area is to add plants. Go to your local nursery and purchase a tall potted plant or select a grouping of several plants at varying heights.

Staircases are always a problem because most of the times, the space below the staircases are turned into a storage area giving a cluttered appearance to your home decor.  For extra storage space, build a sliding cabinet with racks to store your brooms and shoes for a neater look and at the same time give you adequate space to keep your stuff.

Choose a good lighting since most of our staircases are in areas of the home where there isn’t much light-and what light there is tends to cast ominous shadows.  Choose colors that make the area seem less frightening, lighter colors also helps to brighten the area to make it less likely to become a hazard zone for tripping over items in the dark or shaded and shadowy areas. An area rug in solid color will add light and life to the base of your staircase.

The staircase wall space can also be a place to display additional artwork or items.  Choose a theme for your photos like travel photos or family photos and put them in identical frames and hang them on the wall following the angle or curve of the staircase. Staircases have lots of wall space, making them a perfect spot for hanging odd-shaped artwork that often won’t fit on other walls.

Another area that is often overlooked during home improvement is the landing immediately at the end of the staircase. You can have a long bookshelf in this area or you can buy a corner shelf unit if you want to use your corner to display objects, such as a dish collection, small art objects and photos.

Corridors and hallways are always a place where people are always moving in and out of the rooms so you can make this into a picture gallery look by hanging wall decorations such as landscape painting, floral paintings and family photographs. Make sure that you have a lamp to cast some light on the subject.
Every part of your home is just as important as the next, the staircase and hallways should receive just as much attention as every room you decorate.  Remember that every nooks and corners of your house can be transformed and blend into your dream home decor.

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