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Have you already lowered the insulating curtains? Have you already put away the fleece blankets? Have you already replaced the scarves with some striped numbers the moment that the temperature switched to 40 degrees? Then, your problem now is how to decorate your house for the warmer season? This decorating project can be an invigorating experience that easily costs less than adorning the house with thick blankets in preparation for the summer season. You can have in one weekend or have it one motif at a time. Presented here are some tips on how to make the interior design of your house ready for the early indoor summer.

First, you may substitute your dormant flowerpot collection with a greenhouse variety. The wild African violets, cacti clusters and lush creepers are some of the merry potted plants that will surely blow away the winter whites and the steel grays, replace them with splashes of spring time colors. It also recommended having plants that can survive a weeklong summer vacation. Moreover, if you still want to keep the current neutral colors that you have at least for another season, you may basically set off them with some highlights of grape, golden raisin and raspberry pink. If you have some blues by substituting royal blue and navy blue with marine blue and sapphire colors – just to be on the safe side, if you are in doubt.

Put away and store the accessories that represents the winter season and replace them with accessories that signifies or brings out the feel of summer. You may hang a pair of vintage boat oars above your summer chair. You may also have, as a wall decoration, an ice cream cone chalkboard and can be placed near the fridge or in the dining area – as ice creams play a huge part in summer time. Echo the best light that the calendar year has to give off. Since oversized mirrors are impossible to hang, you may have it on a tall dresser or sideboards – this may not be at an eye level but you will still notice the beauty of the mid-year light that makes everything look as pleasant as possible. Moreover, be prepared for some late afternoon naps. You may have some throw pillows and blankets that are made with light fabrics – which will make you feel cool – you must also ensure that the colors of the fabric is not dull instead have some fuzzy bright colors that will cheer you up. After all that snow shoveling, you deserve a date with your couch. However, should a brief sudden cold surprise you, you can always have your blankets doubled and you may also have your naps doubled.

You can always have potted plants inside your house to give you some fresh air inside. Do not forget to dress your windows with some pastel colored light fabric curtains to let air come in. you may also change your doormats with the ones that has summer time theme. But this is what you have to remember, summer is no excuse to leave your house cluttered.

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