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A mansion can have bathrooms as huge as the living room but if you only have a smaller pad or residential unit, it is more often than not you have a small space for your bathroom shower and grooming area. The bathrooms can be just a portion of the bedroom. It does not matter if you desire to have a bigger bathroom space because the size of the whole property would not allow. A homeowner who encounters this problem will surely have a big dilemma to solve. It is either to move in a bigger space but the finances would not permit or stay in the same place and address the problem as clever as you can.

You can give a bugger look to a small spaced bathroom without having to knock down the walls of your house. The use of the bathroom lighting fixtures is a solution you can take advantage of. The lighting can do the trick for the eyes to see that small space area can look as comfy and wide – and this can be applicable to your bathroom. The lighting fixtures are affordable means where you can have more space without making a major renovating project. A number of lighting fixtures will do and they do not necessary have to be pricey. Following are some tips on to do this.


There is still a marked out area in you bathroom no matter how small it is. There is a portion of the shower, toilet and vanity sink – one of the best things you can do is to break up the space through the use of separate recessed lights into the area, and this will create the illusion of a bigger area. Above and beyond, this is also in agreement with the lighting principle that you have to provide focused lights on task areas. You also have to create a focal point in the room – this can be done by picking chandeliers, ceiling lights or pendant lighting fixtures. There is this small ceiling fans with light kits in them. If you have any of these in the center of the room, the attention will be drawn upward and the luxury that the lighting fixtures permeate will give you the feeling of a lavish space instead of thinking how little your space is – this will also serve as the main source of light in your bathroom.

You also have to style a distraction through making an extra interest as what you would do by directing the beams of the light to the tile walls or through highlighting the small cabinetry in the bathroom – you will be drawn to see these things instead of focusing to the size of the bathroom. This is also an answer to your necessity for some accent lighting. It is also important to select the bathroom light fixtures that are just right for your bathroom – not too big and not too small. The dimensions of the lighting fixtures must also coordinate with that of the room. Creating a long line will help you do the trick.

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