Seven Ways To Go Green At Home Right Now

Posted on 2nd May 2012 in HOME & GARDEN

green ideas for the home

You might be under the false impression that going green is an expensive and elaborate process, but most of it really isn’t! With a little research and implementation, you will discover many ways to go green in your home that can spare the environment plenty, and save you money! Keep reading to learn the easiest ways to begin around your home today.

  1. Insulate. Check all of your windows and doors for drafts, and insulate any that are not air tight. This will save you an enormous amount in energy consumption in both warm and cold seasons and make your home much more comfortable as well. Insulation is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to make your house greener and when done properly, does not have to be redone often.
  2. Buy recycled and renewable. When you purchase things made from renewable sources, you send a clear signal to the manufacturer that you want to be buying things that are made using less energy. Anything that is made by a process requiring fewer resources is beneficial to the planet and should also cost you less.
  3. Green light, go! The new bulbs available use far less energy, last much longer and are actually better for your eyes when reading. Replacing your old CFC bulbs may cost a little bit more at first, but your long term savings will make it well worth your while.
  4. Research your utility company. If available in your area, choices in electrical companies may yield better environmental decisions overall. Talk to your utility company and see what kind of green options they offer, bill reductions for greater efficiency in energy use and so on. The government is offering them big incentives to go greener, and you should get in on that too!
  5. Look for the Energy Star! Unlike reviews by consumers or claims by companies, the Energy Star cannot be faked, forged or bought. This is a high quality product in terms of energy efficiency and virtually guarantees you savings to your bills and the environment. Energy Star appliances raise the bar and when you buy them, you raise your standards.
  6. Use cold water at every opportunity. Be it in the washing machine, cleaning the house or cooking, using cold water is a very green habit to get into. You will save on your hot water bill and minimize your unnecessary energy use. Cold water in the laundry is often better at getting stains out and using it while cooking can eliminate traces of lead that are more prominent in hot water, even water that is tested lead free!
  7.  Test out a small solar panel. You can gradually add more, but since solar panels can be a significant investment, try getting one at first. You can even use them seasonally, when power will be much more consistent and predictable. The savings off your utility bill will probably motivate you to install more panels as quickly as possible, but consider starting out with just one or two. If you are friendly with a close neighbor, you might even try splitting the initial investment and doubling your energy savings capability!

Implementing green energy choices in your home will save you money and the planet’s resources, and as this article has demonstrated, it’s really not that difficult. Do a bit of analysis around your house today and see what simple changes you can make that will have a huge and positive impact on the environment and your budget. Within a short period of time you will reap the benefits of green energy and take satisfaction in knowing you are minimizing your carbon footprint for the next generation.

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