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Posted on 30th September 2012 in HOME & GARDEN

Choosing house paint color can be easy if you are just thinking about, you are free to imagine mixing and matching paint colors that you like, but getting into reality sounds difficult. Picking up paint colors is a hard thing to do! The one you imagine a while ago can be the worst result if in actual. So be sure that you have professionals with you if you will do house painting, but here are some tips that can be helpful too.

Use light and neutral colors.

Using light and neutral colors of paints is very good. These colors are the most considerable colors since it does not get conflicts with other home décor colors. It is very safe to use this kind of colors, like white, beige, tan or earth colors and to add white color paint add size to the house.

Look at your Sides

In some places, they prefer to have same house colors and designs, but it’s not good to look at. There is no uniqueness in your home if you copy your neighbor’s paint color. It’s a No, No! In copying house paint color. Pick colors that will make distinction from you and your neighbor’s house.

Dark Shades for Accents

Have dark shades of colors sides and trimmings and borders to add accents and drama to your place. It will also make the place smaller but nice to look at for it adds attention form that neutral look of your base paint colors.

Match in with your Roof

Your roof may be far and out of sight but you still have to consider the color of your roof and to match your house paint color to it to compliment and blend more. The roof harmonized with the house color will really look great.

Choose the best colors to highlight the features of your home, and to attract more attention. Picking up colors is tricky and need skills but just play with colors to achieve better!

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