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It could be a lot of fun and rewarding to fix your own closet. This is because you know your own habits and needs and the results of a DIY closet project could be even better than hiring a professional closet organizer. There are a lot of things you need to consider and feel free to use all of your creativity to create your closet as one that you will truly love to use every day. It is not necessary to spend a lot just to get a lot. Here are some tips to make your closet.

You must determine what you use your closet for the most. A number of people use the closet for storage purposes, on the other hand, others use them in replace of a dresser in their bedroom, while others just use them as home décor. You must then categorize the items in your closet, this will help you to begin building up ideas on how much space you will need for each item. Furthermore, if you decided to use the closet for storage, then you must make sure that the items inside is safe. The cedar closet liners, cedar wood hangers and other cedar byproducts are vast for closets. This is because the cedar absorbs moisture, neutralizes odors and repels pests. You should use the strong wooden hangers for coats, suits and dresses. You may also invest on some garment bags to keep your things from dust. You may also get a plastic shoulder cover as an alternative for garment bags, if your budget would not allow.

Moreover, if you are using your closet only for clothing, then you need to take everything out and decide how much room you will need for each item. For instance, you have twenty pairs of pants, ten skirts, ten tank tops, five cardigans and about thirty shirts. You have to arrange these items according to their lengths to free some space up. You may also opt to use some cascading clothes hangers in order to coordinate some outfits. You may use this type of hanger in hanging multiple pants, skirts or tank tops on just one hanger.

Theoretically, you have to empty some 20 percent of your closet after organizing it. This space will allow you to maneuver and find what you exactly need that time. This is also a way to collect the items that you may give to the charity. The empty space will also make room for the new items you will buy.

Moreover, you may also fit in some home lighting fixtures to light up your closet once you open it. The lighting fixture will also help you find any item you need during the night time. But this is what you have to bear in mind, once your closet is organized, keep it organized. Do not let your items to clutter ever again because it will be frustrating to re-organize again your entire closet. And you do not want this to happen, don’t you?

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