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Keeping a clutter free house is an everyday challenge faced by every mom and every homemaker, but with the right attitude and right tools we can tackle and overcome this everyday crisis.

First, make a list of household chores that you do daily, weekly and monthly. This way we can figure out what tools we need or assign tasks so the job will surely be done.

The vacuum cleaner can also be use not only on the floors, but can also be used to vacuum window sills, baseboards or use the attachments to clean the furniture, lampshades, drapes and more.

Use plain tissues to wipe dust off on your television sets, stereo systems, computer tables and the like instead of using or taking out special mops that will only add to the clutter if not stored away immediately after using it.

Change and clean monthly the filter of the furnace, stove hood, air conditioner and your vacuum because the filter will not filter properly if it’s already saturated.

Keep your cleaning supplies in a pocketed apron or a professional caddy so you can move around easily when tackling these household chores; if possible, keep a separate tools and cleansers for each floor of the house to avoid lugging them up and down the stairs.

Organize the children’s room by going through their closets, children’s toy boxes and cabinets and check if they have already outgrown toys or toys with missing pieces. Separate them and send it to charity or donate them for recycling

When tackling the laundry, do not put off for tomorrow what you can wash today. Fold each piece of the laundry as soon as it comes off from the dryer, so fewer clothes mean fewer time for ironing and you can organized the folded clothes right to every dresser cabinets.

Always wash the dishes immediately each and after every meal to minimize clutter in the kitchen and the sink. Wipe off grease splatters from your stove and countertops by sprinkling baking soda on a wet sponge.

Call a meeting and talk to your family and determine what appropriate task you can assign to each family member according to their age. Divide chores so everyone will have a duty to do and show them how to do it properly so you won’t waste your time teaching them over and over again. Make the household chores as part of the kid’s activities so they will know that helping mom and dad is easy and a fun thing to do. You can also encourage them by giving them little gifts or compliments after the chores have been done.

Change your attitude, instead of waking up to the clutter and chaos, make sure that everything is put away before going to sleep. It is easier to face each day not thinking about the amount of chores you need to do during the day.

If you do this daily, it will be easier to tackle mountain of cleaning than doing it on the weekend. If you do this on the morning, afternoon and evening your house will clean itself, so you will have more time for family bonding activities during the weekends.

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