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Soap scum and mildew stains can turn shiny bathroom walls, shower curtain and bathroom tiles looking dull, dirty, or worn out.  Make the bathroom an every other day or weekly cleaning chore to avoid mold and mildew buildup instead of   tiring yourself and pretty much hate the process of getting the bathroom walls and bathtub looking like new again. Having a clean, sparkling bathroom is not an impossible thing to do anymore because there plenty of bathroom cleaning products available in the market today. Baking soda and vinegar is still the best home remedy for cleaning grout, but you can now get a commercial grout cleaner that will make this task easier.  Follow these practical ideas and tips for easy bathroom cleaning.

Shower curtains always get dirty and instead of cleaning it, you end up buying a new one even it is not on the budget. The damp condition together with hard water splashes and soap scum    means one dirty shower curtain. Whether your shower curtain is cloth, plastic or vinyl, it’s the bar soap that’s the culprit so consider switching to body wash instead of  using soap to avoid   nasty deposits on your tub, shower and shower curtains.

Cleaning bathroom sinks and tubs should be a daily chore. Rinse the bathroom sink after brushing your teeth or shaving to avoid build up of hardened toothpaste or shaving lotion splats. To make it shinier, clean it with a bleach and detergent.

When cleaning a bathroom, pay particular attention to grout which can harbor mold or mildew that when inhaled is dangerous to one’s health. For cleaning mold and mildew, you can prepare a cleaning solution made of ammonia free mild liquid detergent and warm water. You can also use baking soda and white vinegar or you can but commercial tile grout cleaner.  Apply this solution generously on the shower area, bathroom floors and walls. Leave it untouched for few minutes and then scrub all these areas thoroughly with a sponge or a brush. Then rinse it off thoroughly with plain water and allow it to dry or leave your exhaust fan for a few minutes for a thorough drying.

A practical tip that will help you unclog sinks and drains because of hair and goo is to drop a couple of alka seltzer tablets into a slow drain and follow with a vinegar chaser. After a few minutes, rinse with hot water and your drain will be as good as new. For toilet bowl cleaning, pour some bleach into your toilet bowl, let it sit for a while and scrub with your toilet brush, flush and it is clean. Rub a lemon on the glass shower door to cut through the dirt scum.

Do not forget to include in your cleaning the bathroom fixture like the bathroom faucet and other bath shower accessories by wiping it dry after every bath to avoid water spots mark that makes it look dull and dirty. But most of all wear your gloves when cleaning the bathroom, sinks and toilet bowl and be careful in handling those bleach and commercial cleaners to avoid chemical burn.

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