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A number of people do love the ambient light and the warmth that a campfire can give off. However, do you have any idea that you can now have your own campfire and experience the ambiance and warmth that it gives off right on your own backyard? It is now possible to have your own outdoor campfire. The fire pit is more often than not made by burrowing a hole into the ground or hallowing down a concrete to be used as the fire’s container. You can find a lot of commercially available pre-made types in the market, however, if you want to be sure that your campfire or fire pit is safe, and then you must build your own pit. Below are tips on how to build your own campfire at your backyard.


First, you have to decide what type you want to put up in terms of fuel consumption. Do you want to have wood to burn? Or utilized by a gas tank perhaps? The choice of the fuel consumption plays a significant aspect with regards to the position and design of your pit. The earlier you decide on what works best for you, the better. Secondly, you must find the perfect location for your outdoor pit. Take into account that whatever you pick it is pretty much a permanent structure so it is better to choose the perfect location. First and foremost, you always have to consider the safety issue – is the location safe when you lit your campfire? Are there no flammable items in the area? Moreover, if you are going to have the campfire to acquire the ambient light and the warmth, it is recommended to have the pit near the rooms. It is also advisable to consult with your local fire department for you to know what the law allows.

Depending on the intended use, the size of the pit will be determined. It is recommended to have 2 to 4 feet in diameter pit if you are building an outdoor fire pit that will be best used for outdoor cooking, barbeques, grilling and other stuffs. Moreover, if the campfire will be used basically to give outdoor lighting and warmth, the 2 feet diameter fire pit is applicable and can be of service for a group of three or four people. Your creativity counts when it comes to the design of your campfire. However, if you are not that artistic, you can always have someone to design the fire pit or you may look into some outdoor living magazines, watch some TV shows that features home improvements and the Internet is always ready to help you.

Through following the above mentioned tips, you will surely be able to have your very own outdoor fire pit at your very own backyard. You may also have the best and the most unique campfire in your neighborhood. Just keep this in mind, safety always comes first – it is neither the design nor the size of the fire pit that you will have.

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