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The brown stink bugs – originally from Asia – has been invading homes in the U.S. for decades now. They are first seen in Pennsylvania. The pest control companies have been providing ways on how to get rid of them. Below are some information on brown stink bugs.


How the Brown Stink Bugs Smell

The brown stink bugs have bodies, which are shaped like a shield. They do have sucking mouth parts that they use in order to suck juices out of plants and fruits. As the brown stink bugs stick in their sharp mouthpiece, they immediately inject fluids into the plants to support their digestion. Some of the brown stink bugs are predators that attack and feed on larvae, caterpillars and other stink bugs as well. These brown stink bugs have caused major damage to the corn fields in Kentucky since 1985. They have destroyed some gardens, landscaping designs and crops. However, the brown stink bugs do not cause any harm to humans – they do not bite, sting and they are not poisonous at all. But they give annoyance to a number of homeowners because they give off foul smell. Whenever you have an infestation, the brown stink bugs will surely come back year following year because they can smell the odor longer soon after you cannot. And what other way to control these pests is to stop them from entering your home.


During the summer season, the brown stink bugs attack your gardens and crops because they do mate within this season and lay their eggs on the bottom part of the leaves. They lay enormous amount of eggs at a time. Their life cycle is just like the life cycle of a butterfly where it consists of egg, nymph and adult. When the weather gets cold, they enter your house to seek some shelter. Once they are already inside your house, it is hard to get rid of them. Should you disturb them, they will get annoyed and will give off that foul smell. The foul smell serves as their protection from other predators.


How to Prevent Brown Stink Bugs from your Home

Stopping the brown stink bugs from entering your home is the most effective avoidance. You have to inspect your home and think of how they actually get in, this is if you have an infestation. They would probably get in through cracked windows and doors. They could crawl through the holes in the window screens and screen doors. You may also check on your roofs and see if there are possible entry points. Keep in mind they have small bodies and it would be effortless to fit their bodies into the smallest hole or crack just to get in.


How to Control the Brown Stink Bugs

You may immediately vacuum if you see some brown stink bugs inside your house but be sure that the vacuum has a bag because they might just crawl back again. Once you have vacuumed them, take the bag out immediately to avoid the foul smell spread inside your house. Bear in mind that you must not crash them to avoid the foul smell to spread in the air. They are believed to be resistant to pesticides because they have coatings on their bodies that are tough on the pesticides that could poison them.

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