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Just thinking about home improvement brings the idea of spending large amount of money, that’s why this home improvement thing always take a backseat in our priorities. But every homemaker or homeowner always dreams of having a beautiful home, a place where they can relax and a place where technology thrives especially when it comes to the latest appliance or latest gadget that makes everyday living an easy one.  A home that we can be proud of and where entertaining makes us proud of what we become and where we live.

The first question that someone asks about home improvement is “how much?” But do we really need to spend large amount of money in beautifying our home? Sometimes it just takes a cleaning of every room and space in the house. Rearranging the furniture to make it a little different from what we used to.  Nowadays, self-help books, magazines are available where we can get some ideas, color scheme and tips in decorating and adding life to any part of our home. We can also ask questions and opinions from architects, interior designers and bloggers about home improvement through the internet for free.

Home improvement begins with cleaning.  A clutter free house is always a sight to behold.  As the saying goes “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”So let us begin in the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Every mom or every homemaker who loves to cook will tell you, ‘this is my turf, this is my haven.

Though preparing and cooking everyday meals is tiring and tedious, having an organized kitchen makes this an effortless task.  Clearing away the clutter can help in clearing your mind, can renew the look and feel of your kitchen and make each day a little easier.

A few basic changes in organization, storage and cleaning can save you time and simplify your life.

Here are a few tips for cleaning out and cleaning up your kitchen:

  • Create more counter space by storing dry goods and appliances on shelves and in attractive bins, racks and carts.  You can buy these on any home section of any department store.  Having the same color of these can enliven up your kitchen.
  • Putting items away after using those means less build up of dust, grease and cooking splatter.
  • Reorganize your refrigerator by using disposable containers which are available in variety of sizes. Using a sealable wrap makes it easy to store recipe ingredients as well as leftovers.
  • Make trash disposal easy with drawstring trash bags which are also available in different  types and sizes, one quick pull and they’re closed and ready to toss.
  • After each and every meal preparation, clean your kitchen with multipurpose cleaner or powerful grease cutters that’s effective in cleaning stoves, sinks and back splashes and even quick clean-up of the kitchen wall and floor.
  • Once a week, use disinfectant to disinfect, deodorize and remove tough stains and greasy mess in your kitchen. Formulations with lemon and orange will leave your kitchen smelling like fresh citrus.

Rejuvenating your home may be as simple as a little strategic planning and cleaning, so happy cleaning everyone!

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