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It is often not too fun to look at a bedroom with no color, no design, and no style. If your room is exactly what is being described, then it is time to find a way to up-lift your bedroom. You do not have to buy furniture or even re-paint your room. Something that will beautify your room is right in front of you, or behind you, and is part of your bed. This is no other than your bed board. The bed board is some thing that is not only used to lean on when laying on the bed, it can serve as a design and add aesthetics in your bedroom.

The headboard can be designed and created in so many ways, that will help your bed stand out. You can personalized your head board in such a creative and innovative way can be the focal point of your bedroom. If you do not have a bedroom, create one, and make it your own personalized head board. Before your customize your headboard and begin with this project, list ideas on how you want to design and create your head board. It could be as simple as painting it or creating a headboard that you have always wanted but is too costly to purchase.

Paint your headboard with a vibrant color that will make it stand out in the room. You can also paint it the same color as your wall, but you will also have to paint the frame of your bed the same color to have it all match up, for a more modern feel. Since, headboards have flat surfaces, paint a picture or an abstract image on it, using colors that are eye catching. Use wall paper art, that a unique design  and cover up your whole headboard. You can also use stencil art to personalize your headboard, and guide you to design your name and have creative shapes on the head board. For a simple, but classy looking headboard, use decorative fabric that unique designed, and either glue or staple it on the head board. The headboard is also a flat surface that can be designed with decoupage art. Use any images and pictures from any sources, such as magazines, wrapping paper, comic books, or fabric, and make a collage right on your headboard, and seal it with decoupage glue, as a finish coating

Modern headboards now a day are upholstered, but they are costly if bought. You can create your customize and create your own upholstered headboard, without have to spend a ton. If you visit your local home improvement center or home craft store, you can find items you can use to create this type of headboard. It is as simple as taking a plywood, and designing it with upholstered foam and cotton for extra softness, and covering it a nice textured fabric. Choose a velvet type fabric texture in a rich vibrant red color or any colors that would match your color theme.

If you do not have a headboard and want to create a focal point in the room using your head board, you can simply take a plywood, the same width as your bed or even make it longer in width to to really be seen, paint it with a color of your choice, and coat it with a shiny finish. For a more fun design, paint an art on it, such as abstract, geometric shapes, or anything that will make it creatively unique. Use colors that will help it stand out in the room. Mount this headboard on the wall just a little above your bead, to set as a focal point of the room, like an art work. If you want to make use of your head board, you can build a frame shelf, or cubic shelf headboard. Use plywood to build the shelf you want, and paint it. You can use this type of headboard, to store books, and picture frame display.

Your headboard do not have to just be behind you bed, with no use. Turn it into a piece of art or a room decorative. Your headboard will now have a purpose in your room, and help add flavor and style in your plain bedroom.

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