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Look at the rooms in your home and stare at the walls. What do you thing is missing? If your walls are plain and boring then you should do something to liven up the walls and put some flavor into the home. There are so many creative projects you can do with the walls in your home. Do not keep it plain and dull, but do not over exaggerate and over decorate your wall either. A simple paint, changing the color and an extravagant art will do the work.

Begin by visiting each room in your home. Look at the walls and ask yourself what it needs. List ideas and themes that you want your walls to portray. If you already have a theme for the room, then simply do projects or painting works that you can do to incorporate the theme. Research on painting ideas, colors, and the right way to paint and design walls. If you have a modern home, then you do not have to worry too much about color, because modern homes deal more with neutral colors.

If you do not want all the walls of the room painted, then you can just create an accent wall, by painting one or two sides of the wall. An accent wall should be bold, dark, or bright in colors. If one side of your wall is light in color, then you should paint the other side darker or brighter. If you want all the walls painted with different colors, go for it, but make sure all the colors are in the same color scheme, such as going from light pale green to a darker green.

To paint more than colors on the wall, paint designs with the help of a stencil. Simple designs like stripes on the wall or checkered design running across the middle of the wall will be fantastic. If you are painting a mural, there are mural kits you can purchase. You choose from number mural kits, where you trace the design and painting it by following the number containing what color you should paint what piece on the art. If you can draw well, paint what is on your mind. Let out your emotions and express them through painting the walls of your home. You might even end up painting an abstract art on your own wall.

Get ideas from family members, especially your kids. If you are planning on painting their walls, then ask them what theme they want and what they would want to see painted on their wall. There are so many ways you can paint your kid’s room, from murals, stencil art, or painting your own child’s hand prints will transform the walls of the room to something awesome.

Walls can be repainted anytime, so do not be afraid to paint your walls. Be artsy and creative when painting wall. Let out your imagination and broaden your mind with by being extra creative. If ever you get tired of seeing what is on the wall, simply take a paint brush or and paint away.


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