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Ever seen a bedroom of a teenager? Posters on the wall, dirty clothes, dirty socks, and books on the floor, messy drawers, crowded closet, and the room under their beds are even insanely messy and overcrowded. There are times that teenagers cannot even find their things in the room and parents do not want to enter their own child’s room. The room starts to cause unwanted smell and just drives you crazy, it will urge you to organize the room and do a do it yourself project get the room back to the way it is suppose to be.

First get rid and throw away any trash, such as old food, papers, and the trash in the trash can. Then get rid of old things that are not being used and still could be used such as old books, games, shoes, and clothes. Either donate them or start a garage sale to benefit from them. Teenagers tend to keep so many things because they believe everything to have a value even if they are already unusable and just lack of importance. Throw away things that are no longer usable and that are adding into the mess. Separate the important things being used from the ones that are not. Do not forget to check all the areas where things are shoved and place, such as closets, under the bed, desk, and drawers.

If you do not have any storage materials like plastic bins or drawers, purchase them for they will be beneficial for the room. Sort out the things and organize them in bins. Categorized them from books, papers, games, CD’s, movies, sports things, nail polish and make up to just about anything. Build or purchase a cubby cabinet to place things in there and will be easily seen. Use colored bins and place it inside the cubbies to organize things more. This way, things will not be sticking out of the cubbies and you can color coordinate the bins according to what is inside them and place labels on bins to easily be identified. Use bins for the things under the bed so it does not look messy and disorganized.

The room does not only have to be organized, but the closet as well. Sort clothes, shoes, purses, coats and get rid of those that are not being used or are small to wear. Arrange the clothes either by color or by the type of clothing it is. Place plastic storage bins, colored bins, or any type of organizer inside the closet. Organize purses, shoes, or any mementos in separate bins. If there is still space, put in a small shoe rack or organizer for shoes or hooks inside the closet to hang purses or hats. Place hooks on the back of the door to hang their coats, towels, or anything they would use again, instead of having them on the bed or floor.

Do not forget to place a trash bin, clothes bin or hamper. Talk to your teenager and show them where things should go and how important it is for a teenager’s room to be kept clean and organized. Involve you teenagers to help you with the organization and cleaning project, so they could also tell you their inputs and ideas on how they would want to organize their room. Let this be a way to bond with your teenager and get to know them more through this do it yourself organizing a teenage bedroom project.


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