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If you are planning to re-arrange and change the look of your bedroom, try switching to something simpler, but will surely keep your room sleek and standing out. Perhaps go for a modern design bedroom. Going for a Modern look bedroom is neither difficult nor expensive do. There are a lot of ideas to turn your bedroom modern. Just remember that modern means minimal. The fewer things you have, the more space you will get. This design focuses in simplicity, clean, comfort, but artistic. It enables you to make simplicity stand out. Focus in neutral colors, straight lines, and most importantly lighting.

The first thing you have to do to achieve this look is to get rid of unnecessary furniture and things in the room. Remember modern is minimal, meaning no clusters, and not crowded. Choose only the necessary furniture. Hide the smaller things inside cabinets or closets. If your wall is already white leave it white or repaint it with other neutral colors, like cream, or tan. Match the color of your furniture with your wall or choose color that is darker than the color of your wall.

Choose a platform bed to put in the room. You do not have to buy a new bed to achieve this look; a simple mattress on a top of a box spring will definitely be perfect. Change the color of your beddings to either match the colors of your walls or choose something darker. Add more pillows to your bed, such as throw pillows that are brighter or solid in colors with plain white covers or neutral in colors.

An important aspect of a modern room is lighting. It plays a huge part in creating a modern bedroom. Not only does it light up the place, it highlights the whole room. Instead of a table lamp, try putting track lights and direct them in different areas of the room, to highlight those areas. Put pendant lights hanging down your ceiling instead of chandeliers. Go for lighting materials with metallic, chrome, glass finish to it. If you are willing to spend more, try sconces lighting on your wall. They come in different shapes, colors, and designs. Instead of putting an art work on your wall, place these light sconces on the wall above your bed. The more light sconces you have the more artistic your room will look. Scatter them on the wall and choose the ones that are either metallic or glass polished. Choose bright or dark colored sconces to be the focal point of the room.

Accessorize your modern bedroom by putting up an abstract painting or an art work that has geometric or symmetrical shapes. Make this artwork a focal point of the room. Add a modern styled chair to put a more modern feel in the room. You could also place an ottoman in front of your bed. Place a large rug in one area like where your bed is. You could also place a large vase along with a smaller vase next to it at a corner to finish the touch of your room. As long as you stick with the minimal rule of modern design, you will sure achieve the modern bedroom you desire. Simplicity is beautiful!


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