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It could be a lot of fun and rewarding to fix your own closet. This is because you know your own habits and needs and the results of a DIY closet project could be even better than hiring a professional closet organizer. There are a lot of things you need to consider and feel free to use all of your creativity to create your closet as one that you will truly love to use every day. It is not necessary to spend a lot just to get a lot. Here are some tips to make your closet.

You must determine what you use your closet for the most. A number of people use the closet for storage purposes, on the other hand, others use them in replace of a dresser in their bedroom, while others just use them as home décor. You must then categorize the items in your closet, this will help you to begin building up ideas on how much space you will need for each item. Furthermore, if you decided to use the closet for storage, then you must make sure that the items inside is safe. The cedar closet liners, cedar wood hangers and other cedar byproducts are vast for closets. This is because the cedar absorbs moisture, neutralizes odors and repels pests. You should use the strong wooden hangers for coats, suits and dresses. You may also invest on some garment bags to keep your things from dust. You may also get a plastic shoulder cover as an alternative for garment bags, if your budget would not allow. Click here to read more.. »

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The brown stink bugs – originally from Asia – has been invading homes in the U.S. for decades now. They are first seen in Pennsylvania. The pest control companies have been providing ways on how to get rid of them. Below are some information on brown stink bugs.


How the Brown Stink Bugs Smell

The brown stink bugs have bodies, which are shaped like a shield. They do have sucking mouth parts that they use in order to suck juices out of plants and fruits. As the brown stink bugs stick in their sharp mouthpiece, they immediately inject fluids into the plants to support their digestion. Some of the brown stink bugs are predators that attack and feed on larvae, caterpillars and other stink bugs as well. These brown stink bugs have caused major damage to the corn fields in Kentucky since 1985. They have destroyed some gardens, landscaping designs and crops. However, the brown stink bugs do not cause any harm to humans – they do not bite, sting and they are not poisonous at all. But they give annoyance to a number of homeowners because they give off foul smell. Whenever you have an infestation, the brown stink bugs will surely come back year following year because they can smell the odor longer soon after you cannot. And what other way to control these pests is to stop them from entering your home. Click here to read more.. »

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