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It is not an easy to have home repairs especially when you are dealing with the bathroom as the main subject of your project. If you are planning to replace your bathroom floor, then you have to consider the following items.

The Price Range

There is a wide range of prices that goes along with the various different styles and designs that is available for the bathroom floor. You can find the price range of the bathroom floors from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per square foot – of course, this will always depend on the material you will pick for your bathroom. The selection for lower cost is linoleum, some type of tiles and woods. While for the higher price range, you can choose from granite, marble and some higher types of tiles. It is very important to select the bathroom floor that is within your price range and you must pick the one that you can live with since replacement of bathroom floors is not done on a regular basis.

The Durability

It is also important to consider the durability of the bathroom floor that you will choose – this is something that a lot of people tend to neglect. When your chosen bathroom floor is too thin, there is a big tendency that when an object is dropped, the bathroom floor will scratch – even worst broken – easily. It is very essential to choose the bathroom floor that can last for a very long time and is very durable. Click here to read more.. »

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You can make your laundry room more efficient and pleasing whether it is just a small closet or a big and spacious area or just a room that is next to the garage.  Proper layout design combined with smart storage for your laundry room will make your laundry time reduced in half. Oftentimes, a laundry room looks drab, messy and cluttered.  In home improvement, decorating it is always the least of priorities but if laundry time is becoming stressful and tiring already, it is time for you to think of redecorating it. There are some ways to make your laundry room more appealing and cleaning clothes less time consuming.

  • Liven up a drab laundry room by painting your laundry room with a bright, bold color like bright yellow and green or you can also try wallpapering it in a bright pattern to enliven it up.
  • Dress up your laundry room curtains with bold printed chintz curtain and use uniform lighting like ceiling lights fixtures to illuminate the room. Click here to read more.. »
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Seven Ways To Go Green At Home Right Now

Posted on 2nd May 2012 in HOME & GARDEN

green ideas for the home

You might be under the false impression that going green is an expensive and elaborate process, but most of it really isn’t! With a little research and implementation, you will discover many ways to go green in your home that can spare the environment plenty, and save you money! Keep reading to learn the easiest ways to begin around your home today.

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