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 Bathrooms are very important part of the house and you always want to keep it looking clean. Make sure to always have cleaning supplies on hand because bathroom tiles easily get dirty and if left untouched for a length of time will accumulate mineral and soap deposits  and mold and mildew buildup. Cleaning bathroom tiles is not an easy job, but when you use natural supplies that do the hard work, the job becomes much easier for you.  Use preventive measures to keep them clean longer so you don’t have to scrub dirty tiles as frequently.

     For homemade and natural cleaning solutions, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, and spray   on the entire surface to be cleaned. Let the vinegar to sit on the tile for 15 minutes to kill mold or mildew.  Spray the tile surface again with vinegar then sprinkle with baking soda.  Dampen the sponge and baking soda with plain water and scrub the tile with the sponge. The combination of vinegar, an acid, and baking soda, an abrasive, works to remove soap scum, dirt and mold and mildew from tile surfaces. Rinse in plain water, and wash off the tile to remove the baking soda, dirt and grime. Dry the tile surface with a clean towel. Click here to read more.. »

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Making Over Your Home the Green Way

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Around the world, people are beginning to really understand how big an impact humans can actually have on their environment. We are all beginning to understand that even in designing homes a lot can be done that can benefit the environment. We’ll look at a few ways you can make your home greener and more sustainable with just a few, simple home improvements.

One of the first places you can look at in the quest to cut down on the environmental impact of your house is at your appliances. Many old home appliances weren’t design with energy savings and sustainability in mind. However, the times have changed and companies are more aware of making their appliances more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. And the best thing about green appliances for you, the user, isn’t that they are green, but that they will save you a lot of money and eventually pay for themselves with lower electricity bills.

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In considering the type of landscaping design that you will use, there are a number of styles that you may look at. These styles vary from a formal garden, an informal garden, an oriental garden, a woodland garden and an English garden. There are some other types of gardens that do not essentially lend themselves easily to a smaller property – the wildflower gardens and the rose gardens are among these types. Let us look at each type.

The formal garden

The straight lines and perfect geometrical shapes are the source for this type of landscaping ideas. The other traits of this type of garden are the use an arranged array of plants that are set closely and well trimmed. Click here to read more.. »

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How do you transform drab walls into fabulous looking walls? Well, this is the most commonly asked question by many homeowners and designer when it is comes to wall decorating. More people look as simple as hanging a picture frame an overwhelming task. The truth is that walls are harder to decorate because the stuff that you hang on it must be more or less coordinate with the rest of the design scheme of your home. A normally mistake is to try treating walls as split up units of the all in all design plan. Therefore, it creates a challenge when the accessories do not match with the rest of the room and it ends up being an eyesore. Here are some guaranteed ideas for decorating your walls:

Hallways – The hallway walls are perfect areas to utilize by adding some accent pieces that will match with the decor of the room. Use matching colours on walls that will work with the rest of the colour scheme. Example, arranging country style designs by using a rustic barnyard or some woodland prints with coordinating frames. Moreover, the plants are great addition to the country theme. If you don’t have enough wall space, a fun way to enhance the wall is to add a wall mounted wide indoor water feature. Click here to read more.. »

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